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dabl Ltd providers 24 hour ABPM interpretation software that links to a range of validated devices.

Classification of sphygmomanometers/blood pressure measuring devices A table of blood pressure measurement devices as recommended by the dabl Educational Trust Advisory Board Table of devices currently available on the market Table of devices that have been discontinued by their manufacturers
Table of currently available blood pressure monitors Devices used in a clinical setting Table of devices used for self/home blood pressure measurement Table of devices used for Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement

Current Devices

Alphabetical index of all sphygmomanometers currently available from suppliers

For a list of discontinued devices see our Discontinued Devices Index or Table.

We welcome manufacturers to inform us of any new devices not listed here. Please e-mail us the device details and a copy or a link to the published scientific validation paper for that device.

A blue background indicates devices about which dablEducational has received no information relating to validation.



Other Names


A&D TM-2430   ABPM
A&D TM-2564G   CBPM (Auto)
A&D TM-2655   SBPM (Public)
A&D TM-2656   CBPM (Auto)
A&D UA-631 UA-779 Life Source SBPM (Upper Arm)
A&D UA-651   SBPM (Upper Arm)
A&D UA-704   SBPM (Upper Arm)
A&D UA-705   SBPM (Upper Arm)
A&D UA-767   SBPM (Upper Arm)
A&D UA-767F   SBPM (Upper Arm)
A&D UA-767S   SBPM (Upper Arm)
A&D UA-774 UA-767 Plus SBPM (Upper Arm)
A&D UA-778   SBPM (Upper Arm)
A&D UA-787   SBPM (Upper Arm)
A&D UA-853   SBPM (Upper Arm)
A&D UA-1020   SBPM (Upper Arm)
A&D UB-511   SBPM (Wrist)
A&D UM-101   CBPM (Manual)
Accoson Greenlight 300   CBPM (Manual)
Advanced Biosensor AM5600   ABPM
Alvita Advanced (MA801f)   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Alvita Arm (CG155f)   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Alvita Wrist (S150)   SBPM (Wrist)
Andon KD-391   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Andon KD-556   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Andon KD-575   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Andon KD-5031   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Andon KD-5851   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Andon KD-5913   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Andon KD-5915   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Andon KD-5917   SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Andon KD-5963   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Andon KD-5965   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Andon MD-534   SBPM (Upper Arm)
AVITA BPM63S   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Beurer BM35   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Beurer BM44   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Beurer BM47   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Beurer BM55/BM66   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Beurer BM58   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Beurer BM60   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Beurer BM65   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Beurer BM85   SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Beurer SBM43   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Beurer SBM45   SBPM (Upper Arm)
BIOS BD204   SBPM (Upper Arm)
BIOS BD209   SBPM (Upper Arm)
BPM-100 BPM-300 CBPM (Auto)
Braun BP 2000 BBP2000 SBPM (Wrist)
Braun BP 2200 BBP2200 SBPM (Wrist)
Braun BP4600   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Braun BP4900   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Braun BP5900   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Braun BP6000   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Braun BP6100   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Braun BP6200   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Braun BP VitalScan Plus 1650   SBPM (Wrist)
Braun BP VitalScan Plus 1700   SBPM (Wrist)
Braun BP VitalScan Plus 1750   SBPM (Wrist)
Braun BPW4100   SBPM (Wrist)
Braun BPW4300   SBPM (Wrist)
Braun BUA5000 BUA5000LA/BUA5000LAD1 SBPM (Upper Arm)
Cardiette BP one   ABPM
Citizen CH-432B   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Citizen CH-452   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Citizen CH-656C   SBPM (Wrist)
Citizen CHU304   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Citizen CHU305   SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Colin (Omron) 8800C   CBPM (Auto)
Colson MAM BP3AA1-2   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Custo-med custo screen 300   ABPM
Custo-med custo screen 400   ABPM
CVProfilor DO-2020   CBPM (Auto)
Datascope Accutorr Plus   CBPM (Auto)
DiaTecne PulsePen   CBPM (Auto)
Dinamap Pro 1000    
Dinamap ProCare   CBPM (Auto)
Dinamap ProCare-120   CBPM (Auto)
Dinamap Pro Series 100-400    
Dixtal DX-2020   CBPM (Auto)
EnviteC PhysioQuant   ABPM
Foracare Fora D 30   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Foracare Fora D 40b   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Foracare Fora P30 Plus   SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Foracare Fora P80 Diamond Cuff BP Fora Test N'Go BP SBPM (Upper Arm)
G-Care SP-800   CBPM (Auto)
Hartmann Tensoval Duo Control   SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Hartmann Tensoval Duo Control II   SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Health & Life Health & Life HL168JD   SBPM (Wrist)
Health & Life HL-868BA BSP-4007 SBPM (Upper Arm)
Health & Life HL-888HA   SBPM (Upper Arm)
HealthStats BPro   ABPM
Heine Gamma G7   CBPM (Manual)
Heine Gamma XXL-LF   CBPM (Manual)
HoMedics BPA-300   CBPM (Auto)
Honsun LD-30   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Honsun LD-578   SBPM (Upper Arm)
IEM Mobil-O-Graph NG   ABPM
IEM Stabil-O-Graph   SBPM (Upper Arm)
iHealth BP3 KD-931 SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
iHealth BP5   SBPM
iHealth BP7 KD-972 SBPM (Wrist)
Keito K6   SBPM (Public)
Kingyield BP101H   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Kingyield BP210   SBPM (Wrist)
Lloyds Pharmacy BP11   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Lohmeier B-606   CBPM (Auto)
Medel Check 92187 SBPM (Upper Arm)
Medel Elite 92125 SBPM (Upper Arm)
Medel Idea 91913 IDEA SBPM (Upper Arm)
Medel Replay 91914REPLAY SBPM (Wrist)
Medipro MediCare 100f   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Meditech ABPM-04   ABPM
Meditech ABPM-05   ABPM
Meditech card(X)plore   ABPM
Microlife BP 3AC1-1   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Microlife BP 3AC1-1 PC   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Microlife BP 3AC1-2   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Microlife BP 3AG1   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Microlife BP 3AS1-2   CBPM (Manual) and (Auto)
Microlife BP 3BT0-1   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Microlife BP 3BT0-A   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Microlife BP 3BT0-A(2)   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Microlife BP 3BT0-AP   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Microlife BP A1 Easy BP3GR1-1P SBPM (Upper Arm)
Microlife BP A2 Basic BP3GQ1-3P SBPM (Upper Arm)
Microlife BP A3 PC   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Microlife BP A6 PC BP3GU1-8Y SBPM (Upper Arm)
Microlife BP A100   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Microlife BP A100 Plus   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Microlife BP W100   SBPM (Wrist)
Microlife BP W200-1   SBPM (Wrist)
Microlife Exact BP BP3MD1-3 SBPM (Upper Arm)
Microlife RM 100   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Microlife WatchBP Home BP3MX1-1 SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Microlife WatchBP Home A BP3MX1-3 SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Microlife WatchBP Home N BP3MX1-4 SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Microlife WatchBP Home S BP3MX1-5 SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Microlife WatchBP O3 3MZ0 ABPM, SBPM and CBPM
Microlife WatchBP O3 3MZ1 ABPM, SBPM and CBPM
Microlife WatchBP Office TWIN200 CBPM (Manual) and (Auto)
Microlife WatchBP Office ABI CBPM (Auto)
Microlife WatchBP Office AFIB TWIN200 AFS CBPM (Manual) and (Auto)
Microlife WatchBP Office Target BP3MDl-4 CBPM (Auto)
Nissei DM-3000   CBPM (Manual) and (Auto)
Nissei DS-250   ABPM
Nissei DS-400   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Nissei DS-500   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Nissei DS-A10   SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Nissei DS-B10   SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Nissei DS-G10   SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Nissei DS-N10   SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Nissei DS-S10   SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Nissei DSK-1011   SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Nissei DSK-1031   SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Nissei DSK-1051   SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Nissei WSK-1011   SBPM (Wrist)
Nissei WSK-1021   SBPM (Wrist)
Novacor DIASYS Integra II   ABPM
Novacor DIASYS Integra Access   ABPM
Omron 637IT HEM-637-E SBPM (Wrist)
Omron 705CP-II HEM-759-E2 SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron 705IT HEM-759-E SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Omron 708-BT HEM-7081-ITE SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron 725 CIC HEM-725CIC CBPM (Auto)
Omron 907 HEM-907/HEM-907-E CBPM (Auto)
Omron BP760 HEM-7220-Z SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron BP785 HEM-7222-Z SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron HBP-1100   CBPM (Auto)
Omron HBP-1300   CBPM (Auto)
Omron HBP-T105   CBPM (Auto)
Omron HEM-746C HEM-746C-SH SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron HEM-780REL   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron HEM-1020   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron HEM-7051 HEM-7051-SH SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron HEM-7080IC HEM-7080-IC SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron HEM-7101 HEM-7101-SH SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron HEM-7130 (Japanese model)   SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Omron HEM-7250-IT   SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Omron HEM-7251G   SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Omron HEM-7252G-HP   SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Omron HEM-7320F   SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Omron HEM-7500F   SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Omron HEM-Solar HEM-4500-SOLE SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron IA2 HEM-7011-C1 SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron i-C10 HEM-7070-E SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron i-Q132 SpotArm HEM-1010-E SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron i-Q142 SpotArm HEM-1040-E SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Omron M1 HEM-4030-E SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M1 Classic HEM-442-E SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M1 Compact HEM-4022-E SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M1 Plus HEM-4011C-E SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M2 HEM-7117-E SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M2 HEM-7117-E8 SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M2 HEM-7119-E SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M2 HEM-7121-E SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Omron M2 Basic HEM-7116-E SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M2 Basic HEM-7116-E2 SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M2 Basic HEM-7116-E8 SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M2 Basic HEM-7120-E SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Omron M2 Compact HEM-7102-E SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M3 HEM-7131-E SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Omron M3 HEM-7200-E SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M3 HEM-7200-E2 SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M3 HEM-7200-E8 SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M3 Intellisense HEM-7051-E SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M3 IT HEM-7131U-E SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Omron M3W HEM-7202-E SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Omron M4-I HEM-752-E SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Omron M5-I HEM-757-E SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M6 HEM-7001-E SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M6 HEM-7211-E SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M6 HEM-7211-E8 SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M6 AC HEM-7322-E SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Omron M6 Comfort HEM-7000-E SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M6 Comfort HEM-7221-E SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M6 Comfort HEM-7221-E8 SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M6 Comfort HEM-7223-E SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M6 Comfort HEM-7321-E SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Omron M6 Comfort IT HEM-7322U-E SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Omron M6W HEM-7213-E SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M7 HEM-780-E SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron M10-IT HEM-7080IT-E SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron MIT Elite HEM-7300-WE CBPM (Auto)
Omron MX2 Basic HEM-742-E2 SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron MX3 Plus HEM-742-E SBPM (Upper Arm)
Omron (Colin) Pressmate BP-10   CBPM (Auto)
Omron R3 Intellisense HEM-6021-E SBPM (Wrist)
Omron R3-I Plus HEM-6022-E SBPM (Wrist)
Omron R5-I HEM-630-E SBPM (Wrist)
Omron R6 HEM-6000-E SBPM (Wrist)
Omron R6 HEM-6000-E7 SBPM (Wrist)
Omron R6 HEM-6052-E SBPM (Wrist)
Omron R6 HEM-6052-E7 SBPM (Wrist)
Omron R7 HEM-637-E7 SBPM (Wrist)
Omron R7 HEM-637-IT SBPM (Wrist)
Omron RS1 HEM-6120-E SBPM (Wrist)
Omron RS2 HEM-6121-E SBPM (Wrist)
Omron RS3 HEM-6130-E SBPM (Wrist)
Omron RS6 HEM-6221-E SBPM (Wrist)
Omron RS8 HEM-6310F-E SBPM (Wrist)
Omron RX3 HEM-640-E SBPM (Wrist)
Omron RX3 Plus HEM-642-E SBPM (Wrist)
Omron SEM-1 HEM-7051-C12 SBPM (Upper Arm)
Oregon Scientific BPU 330   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Oregon Scientific BPW810   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Panasonic EW3106   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Panasonic EW3109   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Pangao PG-800A11   SBPM (Wrist)
Pangao PG-800B11   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Petr Telegin BPLab   ABPM
Pharma-Smart PS-2000   SBPM (Public)
Pic Solution Pic Indolor
Classic Check (100)   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Pic Solution Pic Indolor
Classic Check (200)   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Pic Solution Pic Indolor
Comfort Check   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Pic Solution Pic Indolor
CS 410   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Pic Solution Pic Indolor
CSI 610   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Pic Solution Pic Indolor
Daily Check   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Pic Solution Pic Indolor
Digit Extra   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Pic Solution Pic Indolor
Digit Smart   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Pic Solution Pic Indolor
Help Check   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Pic Solution Pic Indolor
Mamy Check   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Pic Solution Pic Indolor
My Check   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Pic Solution Pic Indolor
One Check   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Pic Solution Pic Indolor
Personal Check   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Pic Solution Pic Indolor
Professional Check   Manual/Hybrid
Pic Solution Pic Indolor
Self Check   SBPM (Wrist)
Pic Solution Pic Indolor
Travel Check   SBPM (Wrist)
Plusmed pM-NT 01   CBPM (Manual) and (Auto)
PMS Mandaus   CBPM (Manual)
Polygreen K-Jump KP-7770   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Primo RACD   Clinical Use (Radial)
PyMaH Mercury   CBPM (Manual)
Rossmax CF175   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Rossmax Mandaus II   CBPM (Manual)
Rossmax ME 701 series   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Rossmax S150   SBPM (Wrist)
Samsung SBM-100A   SBPM (Wrist)
Schiller BR-102 Plus   ABPM
Seinex SE-25M   ABPM
Seinex SE-9400   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Sensacare SAA-102 (Standard)   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Sensacare SAW-102 (Standard)   SBPM (Wrist)
Somnomedics Somnotouch-NIBP   CBPM (Auto,Wrist,PTT)
Spacelabs 90207   ABPM
Spacelabs 90217   ABPM
Spacelabs 90227 OnTrak   ABPM
Spengler K-Jump KP7500D   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Spengler K-Jump Pro M   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Spengler Tensionic Mod EPS 112   CBPM (Auto)
SunTech Medical AGILIS   ABPM
SunTech Medical Oscar 2   ABPM
SunTech Medical SunTech 247   CBPM (Auto)
Taidoc U-Right TD-3124   SBPM (Upper Arm)
TensioMed Tensioday   ABPM
Terumo ES-H55   CBPM (Auto)
Thermor Bios BD215   SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
Tiba Medical Ambulo 2400   ABPM
TNO BMI Finometer   Clinical Use (Finger)
Tonoport V   ABPM
Transtek TMB-986   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Transtek TMB-988   SBPM (Wrist)
UEBE Visomat Comfort 20/40   SBPM (Upper Arm)
UEBE Visomat Comfort E (Ref 24016)   SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
UEBE Visomat Comfort Eco   SBPM (Upper Arm)
UEBE Visomat Comfort Eco (Ref 24026)   SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
UEBE Visomat Comfort Form   SBPM (Upper Arm)
UEBE Visomat Double Comfort   SBPM and CBPM (Auto)
UEBE Visomat Handy   SBPM (Wrist)
Visicor HM40   SBPM (Wrist)
Welch-Allyn ABPM 6100S   ABPM
Welch-Allyn Maxi Stabil 3   CBPM (Manual)
Welch-Allyn Spot Vital Signs   CBPM (Auto)
Welch-Allyn Transtelephonic home monitor   SBPM (Upper Arm)
Welch Allyn 'Vital Signs'   CBPM (Auto)


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